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What we do

Strategy. Design. Execution. Measurement.

Choose from any of our customer strategy solutions. Contact us for a free consultation.


Know your customers.

Turn confusing raw customer data into valuable business insights.

What we do

  • Customer intelligence consultation: Use customer data to drive success. Identify valuable customer metrics. Design processes for data collection and management. Build a strategy based on customer intelligence to improve your business.
  • Survey design: Maximize the results and outcomes of your feedback processes. Design and implement data collection systems that make sense to customers and deliver business intelligence that can be turned into action.
  • Data analysis: Find opportunities to improve sales and customer satisfaction. Uncover customer trends and preferences to identify new target markets. Use data to predict customer behaviour and focus customer service.


Align with your customers.

Build your customer strategy across your business. Leverage customer data to transform your operations, improve customer experience and reduce costs.

What we do

  • Divisional audits and business transformation: Align divisions with a unified strategy to better serve your customers and improve ROI. Assess processes across departments and work to build consistent customer-facing operations. Ensure success and adoption by accounting for corporate culture and organizational behaviour.
  • Knowledge management consulting:  Empower employee decision-making with customer intelligence. Design systems for sharing and consolidating customer knowledge across your business.
  • Process improvement and automation: Set up clear, repeatable customer service processes that improve your efficiency, maintain customer experience and maximize sales opportunities. Design complex CRM processes that automatically trigger sales and marketing communications based on customer data.


Measure program impact.

Merge customer and business data to evaluate the impact of your programs on your ROI.

What we do

  • Performance measurement and analysis: Measure and maximize program success. Identify KPIs for your customer-centric initiatives, analyze results and gain insights for continuous improvement.
  • Customer valuation: Identify customer segments and define most valuable customers. Understand the lifetime value of your customer base and redistribute resources to improve your ROI.